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[05 Aug 2007|08:23am]
Friends cut! 

Sorry loves, but I just got back from vacation &a week away from everyone else's business is just what I needed. Don't be hurt if I cut you - it's not that I don't like you, it's just that I feel that maybe my life could do with a few less observers, if that even makes sense. 
If I cut you &you don't see why &believe you should stay then by all means, comment here!!

[18 Sep 2006|05:22pm]
Erm, okay. 

a] I used to be _heartsonfire. If you know me from there, fabulous! :] 

b] I had this really wicked dream last night that my LJ got hacked & there were two or three 'fakes' of me running rampant [Yes I dream about weird things, kthx]. 
So this journal is going to be friends-only. :[[[ BOO!

Comment when you add me plz, otherwise you're just a creep! :]

[15 Jul 1989|09:45pm]


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